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WWM May 2015 – Dusk / Night Time Photography

The theme of our Walk With Me was Dusk / Night Time Photography. We explored the area around The Bord Gais theatre and Samuel Beckett Bridge. We were lucky with the weather getting a dry, cloudy evening with a sunset and moonrise within 2 hours. Ours was a small group... read more

WWM May 2015 – Star Trails

The ‘Star Trails ’ group consisted of leader Roseanne Baume and Emily Gallagher, Olive Gaughan, John Coveney, Dermot Staunton, James Browne, Raymond Donegan and David Whitaker. It was difficult for us all to meet on the same night but get togethers & info was... read more

Club Outing – Dublin Port

  We went to Dublin Port last Saturday for a very interesting outing. Thanks again to Karen Rothwell for organising this. With a security escort for the morning, our first stopping point was the Marine Operations area. This is similar to an Air Traffic Control... read more

Guest Speaker – Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch attended our meeting on 8th June where he took us through his Architectural work. His work includes both personal and commissioned works. He has worked with architects and contractors throughout Ireland capturing their buildings. He showed us examples... read more

WWM May 2015 Showcase

On Monday 25th May we had the showcase for the Spring 2015 Walk With Me. The evening was well presented with 13 groups presenting their experiences and images. There were 2 projected projects followed by 11 printed groups. The evening was full and interactive and we... read more

WWM May 2015 – Reflections and Light

Reflections and Light photography is all about capturing the lights and it’s a key factor in creating a successful image. Reflections are a way of life. When both are combined they produced some fantastic outputs which are shown in the images below. The group (Pat,... read more

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