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This Monday 22nd January is the AGM. Always an important evening in the life of any club, the AGM is an opportunity to get an overview of the past year, discuss what’s coming up, and be involved in the running of the club that depends on its members to stay alive and active.

Nominations for 2018 Committee
We will be holding our AGM on 22nd January 2018 at which we will be electing a new Committee for the 2018 year. If you wish to nominate someone for a position on the Committee (with their consent), or if you yourself would like to put yourself forward to serve on the Committee please email the Secretary at
Interesting Articles Recommended By Our Members 
We wish to thank Wendy Hannan for suggesting the following articles.

Andreas Gursky on the photograph that changed everything: Link  This is thought provoking and maybe change your views on landscape photography.

A "Trip Report from the Falklands" by Denise Ippolito provides some great images of the local bird life. Link.
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Member's Photo of the Week
Just a note for new members – if you want any of your pictures considered for photo of the week, you just have to post them to the OffShoot Flickr group at

There’s also a link from the OffShoot home page.
What's On
22nd January 2018:    Club Meeting – AGM
27th January 2018:     Club Outing – Masterclass with Peter Gordon in a Short Workshop
29th January 2018:     Club Meeting – Assignment #4 Hand In + Strobe Lights Tutorial and Practical
4th February 2018:      Club Outing
  Sunrise at the 40ft
5th February 2018:      Club Meeting – FIPF Roseanne Baume / Assignment #4 Judging (Kyle Tunney)
12th February 2018:    Club Meeting – Terry McDonagh (Sailing)
13th February 2018:    Club Outing – Wicklow Gaol
19th February 2018:    Club Meeting – Competition #1 Hand-in / Camera Types and what each is good for
26th February 2018:    Club Meeting – Competition #1 Judging (Ita Martin)
Keep an eye on your email and the What's On (click here) section on the website for updates.
Great News!
The latest items @
SWM December 2017 - Multiple Exposures
The theme of our Shoot With Me was 'Multiple Exposure'. Multiple Exposure is a photographic technique that combines 2 to 9 different exposures …
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Club Outing - Skerries Mill
It was a bleak January morning and rain fell from the low clouds. Just the sort of day for a photography outing! It got no better and promised …
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SWM December 2017 - Lough Boora and Glendalough
Initially our location was Lough Boora in Offaly however due to logistics and weather we decided midstream upon Glendalough …
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Club Outing - Point to Point Tinahely
The ground had taken some rain and there was an early morning inspection to see if racing could take place. Fortunately, the inspection was …
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David Whitaker - FSINWP
Congratulations to David Whitaker for being awarded his Fellowship of Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers at the …
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SWM December 2017 – Long Exposures
The theme of our Shoot With Me was 'Long Exposures'. The intent of the SWM was to introduce the concept of Long Exposures to those who perhaps …
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Club Competition / Assignment
Forthcoming competitions/critiques are as follows:
Jan 29th Assignment 4 hand-in, with judging on 5th February. 
The first competition hand in will be on the 19 Feb 2018 and is a projected competition. The judge will be Ita Martin who will also be presenting at the club in early January.
Level 1 Entries 
The theme is ‘Nature and Wildlife’. There are 2 sections B&W and colour. You may submit up to 2 (two) entries in total. The entries can be distributed one in each section or 2 in one section.
Level 2 Entries
There is no theme, it is an open competition. There are 2 sections B&W and colour. You may submit up to 4 (four) entries in total. You may submit up to 2 entries per section.
Photo Quiz Question
Circles of confusion are most prominent in:

A. Fisheye Lens
B. Offshoot Meetings
C. Zoom Lens
D. Mirror Lens
Answer at bottom of the Newsletter.
External Competitions
ZEISS Photography Award 2018 "Seeing Beyond - Untold Stories"

Details here. Closing date 6th February.
Exhibitions & Events
A couple of photography workshops in Clonmany, Inishowen, Co. Donegal
Krass Clement | The Light Gleams an Instant: Photographs from Ireland, Gallery of Photography
Danish artist Krass Clement’s photographic work emerges from two traditions: Scandinavian melancholy and the ‘flaneur’ tradition from the Parisian school. Clement’s work is concerned with reflecting interior states of mind rather than with documenting real-life situations. His dark, stripped-back aesthetic combines with a stream of consciousness approach to evoke introspective, psychological landscapes that sit somewhere between fiction and reality
Drum was photographed over a single evening in a small pub in Drum, County Monaghan. With only a few rolls of film (and a rumoured five pints of Guinness), Clement created one of the most important contributions to the international canon of contemporary photo books. Through subtle shifts in focus and masterful filmic sequencing, the book comes to concentrate on one principal character in the shadowy pub: a hunched, weather-beaten man sitting alone with his drink. The work is a quiet meditation on community, the outsider, alienation and the terrors of being alone.
The exhibition also includes the world premiere of work made in Dublin in 1991.
Upcoming IPF Events
Photographer Of The Year Updates
Regional Rounds:
Dublin and South Leinster Region - Nature and POTY - Grand Hotel Malahide, Collection on 13th of January, Judging 20th of January.
Finals Weekend:
The national finals of the IPF Nature Photographer of the Year competition will be held on Saturday the 17th of February with the IPF Photographer of the Year competition on Sunday the 18th of February 2018.
As always, please check regularly on the IPF website and Facebook page for updates on the competition and dates for regional rounds. 
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