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Welcome back after the Summer Break. Hope you have had a good summer, and perhaps enjoyed a few of the outings excellently provided by our outings team as usual. And now you’re hopefully ready for an active Autumn with the club.

On Monday it’s a welcome back session and a chance to how a couple of your shots taken over the summer. Bring along your shots on a USB stick or send them beforehand to or upload to
We’ll also have Peter Gordon telling us about the Big Day event at the Royal Marine Hotel on 7th October, where a number of internationally renowned photographers will be speaking.

Exhibition Images

Tony and David still have 16 pictures from the Exhibition and will bring them to the Club at Monday's meeting for collection in the car park before the meeting.  Those who are not there on the 3rd will need to make arrangements with Tony to collect them later from his house.

The organisation of Audio Visuals for Club Meetings

Tony is stepping down from this role and a replacement (or two) is URGENTLY required. Can anyone willing and able to assist speak to either Tony or Ian at the next meeting (or email

Next IPF Distinction Sitting

The next distinction sitting is on 15th September in Carlow. Several club members are preparing panels for this event.  If you will be submitting a panel or travelling to the event on the day please send a quick email to Matt O'Brien ( so we can help coordinate transport, etc..
Shoot with Me - Autumn 2018
Our Shoot with Me organiser, Helen Black, has provided the following information about this autumn’s SWM:
Shoot With Me is a project-based activity which the club puts together twice a year. The principle idea is that around 12 club members 'volunteer' to facilitate a small group of other club members (usually 4-5 people) in a chosen photographic project. These facilitators then organize the event with their individual group co-ordinating time, location etc
The ultimate aim here is to get people to socialise, have some fun and learn from each other - and it always works !!!
To bring your new found skills to fruition, everyone gets their image printed, which is then presented at the Showcase in December. A dynamic way to round off the Autumn season.
With over 100 members in our club, we can tap into a wide and diverse pool of experiences.
The success of the SWM relies on your participation. Don’t be shy – get involved and be one of the 12 volunteers - you don't have to be an expert at all. Offer your enthusiasm, your project idea and a willingness to facilitate a small group of like-minded photographers.
The project can be anything at all – macro, landscape, architecture, flowers, water movement, painting with light……the list is endless.
I’m waiting to hear from volunteers in the next couple of weeks.  Please note -  I can’t allocate members to Shoot With Me projects until I have the facilitators in place !!
So don’t delay -  email Helen at with your ideas or give me a call if you wish to discuss it. I look forward to hearing from you  !!


Congratulations to Colin Fitzpatrick for having his image of Deer in Phoenix Park selected for the MS Ireland 2019 Calendar.

Member's Photo of the Week

Black Castle by Peter Brennan

Just a note for new members – if you want any of your pictures considered for photo of the week, you just have to post them to the OffShoot Flickr group at

There’s also a link from the OffShoot home page.
What's On
03rd September 2018:  Club Meeting – Welcome Back And Members Summer Shots
10th September 2018:  Club Meeting – Guest Speaker Aisling O’rourke
17th September 2018:  Club Meeting – Competition #4 Hand-In / My Photography Process
24th September 2018:  Club Meeting – Competition #4 Judging
15th October 2018:      Club Meeting – Project #3 Hand-In
22nd October 2018:      Club Meeting – Project #3 Feedback
29th October 2018:       No Club Meeting – Halloween Bank Holiday
Keep an eye on your email and the What's On (click here) section on the website for updates.
News from
Club Outing - Streets of Dublin
The end of summer, sunset by 8:45 pm, the light falling fast when 12 OffShoot members met under the...
Club Outing - Kilmacud Crokes Hurling
On 18th August, as is usual, Kilmacud Crokes in Stillorgan host this event on the day before the All Ireland final. This year between...
Club Outing - A Carlow Trilogy
On Tuesday 14th August 9 members gathered at the Delta Sensory Garden in Carlow a bit late having passed through a Garda roadblock...
Club Outing - Model at Killiney Beach
For the 3rd in our programme of Summer Outings, on Monday 16th July about 20 OffShoot members headed down to Killiney Beach to take...
Club Outing - Cricket in Phoenix Park
On 14th July a number of OffShoot members attended a Cricket match in the Phoenix Park. The match started at 11.00 and finished...
Club Outing - Malahide Castle
On a bright summer’s morning 9 members gathered in the courtyard of Malahide Castle and after a tour of this ancient home of the Talbot...
Club Outing - Enduro Mountain Biking
The Gravity Enduro Championships were held at Three Rock Mountain on Sunday the 17th June. The winding five-stage race commences above...
SWM May 2018 - Long Exposures in Dublin Bay
It was planned to have several outings to locations in Dublin Bay but we only managed two. Two 6am starts to the 40 Foot and Killiney Beach...
SWM May 2018 - Ravaged by Time Abstracts
Our plan was to focus on abstract or semi-abstract images of rusting metal, peeling paint on corroding machinery. We enjoyed a couple of great...
SWM May 2018 - Flash Bandits
The SWM Flash Bandits group introduced a group of people to the basics of flash. There were 4 practical demo style sessions with homework for the...
SWM May 2018 - Projected Graphics
The theme of our Shoot With Me was 'Projected Graphics'. The idea of the group was to project an image onto a model and take a photograph of the...
Club Outing - Dublin Pride Parade 2018
The theme of our Shoot With Me was 'Projected Graphics'. The idea of the group was to project an image onto a model and take a photograph of the...
SWM May 2018 - Levitation Photography
The theme of our Shoot With Me was 'Levitation Photography'. The object of the exercise was to make an image where a person or thing appears to...
SWM May 2018 - Sandymount Beach and South Bull Wall
The idea for the Sandymount Beach & South Bull Wall SWM was inspired by an OffShoot workshop with Peter Gordon. We met as a group in several...
SWM May 2018 - Kilmacurragh National Gardens, County Wicklow
The theme of our Shoot With Me was 'Flowers & Trees of Kilmacurragh National Gardens, County Wicklow'. Richard Boyle led the group of Monica...
Club Competition – Close to Home and Open Printed
On 18th June the 3rd formal competition for 2018, 'Close to Home', was judged by Iñaki Hernández-Lasa. Congratulations to all who took part and...
SWM May 2018 - Smoke Photography
Our theme was simply 'Smoke Photography'. We had only four members submitting photos, but, as can be seen, each person interpreted the theme in...
SWM May 2018 - Hugh Lane Inspiration
This group went to the Hugh Lane Gallery in search of inspiration and found it in abundance. Each of them had a unique experience, resulting in a...
SWM May 2018 - Sunday Stroll around Aviva Stadium/Gasworks
The theme of our Shoot With Me was a Sunday stroll around the Aviva Stadium and Gasworks Building. We were looking mainly for architectural shots...
SWM May 2018 - Bubblemania
Tony Jobling and his group consisting of Frank Courtney, Janet Wippell, Katherine O’Boyle and Maria Martin rediscovered what every child knows all...
Competitions & Projects

September – Competition #4 (Printed)

    Level 1 Theme – ‘An Irish Summer’
    Level 2 Theme – ‘An Irish Summer’
    Level 3 Theme – Open

17th September – Submission Hand-In
24th September – Judging

‘An Irish Summer’ – Although this competition is in September we may be in the middle of summer, who knows. Lots of opportunities in July and August to capture the essence of an Irish summer. Monochrome makes for more drama.

October – Third entry based on feedback in May

15th October – Submission Hand-In
22nd October – Feedback

For the full 2018 Competition/Project Programme click here. The next competition and project are detailed below.
Photo Quiz Question
An easy one for the first week back!
If you are shooting a photo and want to get a greater depth of field in the image, would you shoot at?
A. F2.8
B. F16
C. F8
D. F4

Answer at bottom of the newsletter.

External Competitions
Just a note to inform our members that we will be reducing the level of detail regarding external competitions, exhibitions and events going forward.  It is very labour intensive to manage, edit and keep current and a review of usage of this section by our members is quite modest.  We always have the option to expand or refine this section in future.
Exhibitions & Events
BIG DAY 2018 
Big Day @ The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin – 07 10 2018

Ireland has an event of truly international standards dedicated to landscape photography. The IrishLight team have again put together a star-studded line up of speakers that can all be seen in one day in the beautiful surroundings of The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. If your looking for inspiration and new ideas the Big Day is an amazing chance to see this incredible line-up of speakers all under one roof. The Big Day is also a great chance to talk shop with our partners. Camera’s, filters, framing, papers for printing. A unique chance to see industry leaders all gathered in one room. Details available here. There’s a bundle price for camera clubs. 
IPF Distinctions Sittings 
The next sittings will be in September and November.  Entries are full.

Check this link for updates.

Photo Quiz Answer

B. F16

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