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5th June 2021


Last week we had the Judging of our third competition by Andrea Hunt. Andrea did a great job of providing the members with clear and constructive feedback. Congratulations to all the winners whose images can be seen on our website. (Link later in the Newsletter.)

Next Monday Night

This Monday is a Bank Holiday and we have no meeting. Enjoy the night off! 

Accessing Video Recordings of Meetings

The Video of the competition judging is now available in the Member's Area of the website.

You can access this and other recordings of past Zoom meetings in the Videos section of the Member's Area at You will need to log in to the website to see the content of this section of the site.

Every member has a log in to the site. If you don't remember your login details go to and select the 'Forgot your password?' link. Enter the email address you received this newsletter with and reset your password. Once you've reset your password you can log in and catch up on speakers you missed. Happy catching up!

This Week's Flickr Theme

Shadow Photography


You know that any photograph has light and shadows. However, when the shadows become an important element – or even the focal point of your picture, then it’s called shadow photography.  Shadows are great for creating mood and can also provide some fascinating subjects. Show us your best shadows.




Shadow photography guide: 

20 Shadow photography tips:


Shadows in photography:


Google: "Shadow photography ideas"


Remember to include the Project Name at the start of the image title.


See more about how the OffShoot Weekly Flickr Theme works by clicking here.


Future weekly projects are:


11/06/2021 - Liquid

18/06/2021 - Hands


Club Competitions

Our next competition has as its theme 'Anything Man-made'. From a screw to a skyscraper; from a ball to a bucket or a hamburger to a house, just about anything can become a subject for Anything Man-made so you can interpret the theme as broadly as you like. You can use almost any lens from a Macro to a Zoom so there’s something for everybody. 

Judging of your images is on 26th July with a final entry on 19th July so get out there and start shooting. The judge for this competition will be Inaki Hernandez-Lasa.

Max 2 entries per member.

Please upload your entries before Monday 19th July to:

Make sure to name your images in the following way Level - Membership number - Title

e.g. "L2-987-The Towers.jpg"

What's On

Speakers and Outings

Here are the next scheduled meetings and events for the Society:


Members will be able to attend our outings by registering for specific outings. Keep up to date with the latest events at

Member's Photo of the Week

Just a note for new members – if you want any of your pictures considered for the photo of the week, you just have to post them to the OffShoot Flickr group at:

There’s also the latest images published on Flickr that are displayed on the OffShoot home page.

 [Note. To join the Offshoot Flickr group, you must first be a Flickr member. Then send the email address used to join Flickr to You will get an email when you have been added to the group. Please be patient as this is a manual process.]

Theme: Frame within a Frame - National Gallery of Ireland by Jean Hartin

Dad's War - Beginning to End by John Wiles

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Interesting Videos

If you come across one you want to share let us know at

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