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The Club is organising an event to Wales to take pictures of Red Kites, Mountains and Low Flying Aircraft in Wales. This is a multi-day event and there is a cost per person sharing estimated at €400 associated with this event. The event is targeted at all members.

(We need to know early to book accommodation and photographic hides.)

Wild red kites are fed at Gigrin Farm every day of the year. With breath-taking feats of aerial piracy red kites compete with buzzards and ravens for choice pickings. We will have use of a photographic hide and you are guaranteed great shots. We will stay in or near Rhayada close to the spectacular scenery of the
Elan Valley and on the way back to Holyhead visit the Mach Loop to see the aircraft.

Day 1: Dublin to Holyhead (Saturday)


The ferry departs Dublin at 08:20 arrives 11:50
Hundreds of Red Kites are fed at 3pm.
Our Accommodation for will be in a Guest House, in or near Rhayader (2 people sharing)

Day 2: Elan Valley and Gigrin Farm (Sunday)


Sunrise amidst the dams and magnificent scenery of the Elan Valley
The Red Kites are fed at 3pm.

Day 3: Low Flying Aircraft (Monday)


The RAF fast jets practice low flying through the Welsh valleys (often as low as 250ft)
The ferry departs for Dublin at 20:30

Please contact outings@offshoot.ie to register for this Workshop.

Final arrangement will be confirmed with those that are registered to attend. Start and End times indicated on this event are preliminary.

It’s easy to become distracted when taking photographs.Use common sense, take responsibility for your own safety and then go shoot and have fun.

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