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As part of the Summer Outings programme we will be going to Dun Laoghaire to take pictures of the sail boats entering the harbour.

Theme: Dublin Bay Yacht Racing on Thursday 20th July. Thursday night is race night in Dublin Bay and there are normally dozens of yachts competing. You can also capture them after the race when they are heading back to the Marinas or even stay on to shoot a sunset!

Note: This event is on a Thursday and not a Monday.

We will walk to the end of the West Pier and photograph all the boats heading in from the evening’s racing.

We will meet at 7.20pm at the Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club on the West Pier (not to be confused with the more popular East Pier), walk the West Pier, capture the end of the race and then photograph the boats returning.

Meeting Location: We will meet at Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club (see map: https://goo.gl/maps/U65udAU6dwq)

Meeting Time: We will meet at 7.20pm and start walking to the end of the pier at 7.30pm. Racing starts at about 6.40pm so the boats will already be out in the bay.

Equipment: If you are hoping to capture some of the racing action in the Bay, then a long lens is essential. However if you don’t have a zoom, you will be able to capture the boats when they are heading back in after racing at roughly 8.30pm. Tripod would be useful, bring any filters you have if you are planning to stay for sunset.

Sunset Time: 9.39pm

Other Details:
This is Summer in Ireland so wear warm clothing – it can be blustery at the end of the pier. This outing is weather dependent – if it is too windy, racing will be cancelled.

Please send any queries to Helen Black at summer@offshoot.ie.


Helen Black

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