Nigel Leyland

Nigel Leyland

My first SLR was a Zenit 11, recycled from Soviet tanks, after which I discovered the joys of modern(!) technology and bought a Pentax K1000. A friend set up a darkroom in his parents’ attic, where I first began B+W processing in some rather primitive conditions, with water hauled up in buckets. Soon after, I discovered that helping to run the photographic club in the sixth form was a great way of avoiding games lessons at school and also gave me access to a slightly more sophisticated darkroom.

At university, I joined the photographic societies and also took advantage of free access to lab darkrooms. After years of trying with limited success to keep a home darkroom light and dust free, I finally tried a digital experiment with a Fuji S5600 bridge camera, before getting my present Olympus E620.

My interests are mostly landscape, architecture and some portraiture, with a possibly excessive taste for sepia toning.

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