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Emily Gallagher

Photography has always been a part of my life. I was given a camera aged six, just so I would leave everyone else’s alone. I was a member of my school’s camera club and I spent a lot of time involved in photography after school. However, it is only in the last couple of years that I have tried to take it more seriously.

I joined OffShoot in an attempt to widen my photographic scope and to try and improve my skills. Joining Offshoot was definitely one of my better ideas. The people are lovely and helpful and the club is fantastically active. I have shot subjects and places that I know would not have happened if it wasn’t for Offshoot. Thanks, guys!

Emily Gallagher’s Flickr Photostream

Helen Black

I have always loved taking photos – well let’s face it, it’s better than being in front of the camera !! Over the years I have dabbled at it on and off …..I joined OffShoot over a year ago and am really enjoying the group activities – I have still so much to learn……!!

Helen Black’s Flickr Photostream

Ian Gemmell

I bought my first SLR (a Minolta X-300) in 1982. Being a very basic camera all settings were manual and it gave me a good understanding of exposure and focus. Many cameras and 28 years later I bought my first DSLR and decided to join a camera club to improve my skills and get out and take more pictures.

Joining OffShoot has given me access to photographic opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. I have managed to try and enjoy many things I would not have done on my own. At the moment my interests move between Landscape and Macro photography.

Ian Gemmell’s Flickr Photostream

John Coveney

I’m John Coveney and I’ve been photographing people, places and wildlife in Dublin and all over Ireland since I got my first digital camera in 2001. I earned my “L” (Licentiate) from the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) in 2011 with this panel.

Currently I’m working on making the best of my shots available for purchase on my new website Meanwhile, check out my Flickr pagemany of my shots there have have appeared in the Explore section – the top 500 of the daily million or so photographs uploaded. You will also find me on facebook.

John Coveney’s Flickr Photostream

Ken Dobson

I’m originally from Donegal and now settled in Goatstown, Dublin. My first SLR was a manual Praktica MTL 50 with 42mm screw in lens. It wasn’t a particularly great camera but it did help me learn the basics.

I moved to Canon cameras in 1992 and currently have a Canon 50D with a mix of Canon lens. I’m really delighted that I have joined Offshoot this year. The club has provided opportunities to try areas of photography that I had never considered in the past and I have participated in a number of really enjoyable events and outings.

Monday nights are now something to look forward to. I particularly enjoy travel and landscape photography and I am starting to develop an interest in night and street photography.

Ken Dobson’s Flickr Photostream

Kevin Grace

I am an Irish amateur photographer and mostly concentrate on landscape, wildlife and travel photography. I have a Licentiate Distinction with the Irish Photographic Federation and an Associate Distinction with the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SINWP).

I am on the Committee of the Offshoot Photography Society. What I most enjoy about photography is being out in nature and capturing the ever changing landscape.. To see more of my work Click Here

Kevin Grace’s Flickr Photostream

Liam Haines

Hi, my name is Liam Haines. I took up photography in 2004 and it has gone from being a mere hobby to becoming a passion. I am lucky enough to have travelled extensively and, naturally, I love Travel Photography. Nevertheless, Street Photography remains my first love.

Lots of landscapes are similar but every “street” photo is unique. It really is about capturing the moment and about showing the idiosyncrasies of life.

Liam Haines’ Flickr Photostream

Matt O’Brien

Originally a lapsed film photographer, I have developed an interest in landscapes, but also enjoy travel and street. This has been the catalyst to visit some really beautiful locations and presented nature to me at its very best.

OffShoot, through its competitions and activities, has provided a great platform to get outside my comfort zone and explore many other aspects to this great hobby.

Matt O’Brien’s Flickr Photostream

Mike Smith

I started fiddling with a box brownie, moved to a Voigtlander, then a Minlota half frame, finally got a Minolta SLR – still on the film and then leapt into digital seriously in the last 6 years starting with a Canon 350D. I now have a Canon 7D and I’m finally hooked on photography.

Mike Smith’s Flickr Photostream

Nigel Leyland

My first SLR was a Zenit 11, recycled from Soviet tanks, after which I discovered the joys of modern(!) technology and bought a Pentax K1000. A friend set up a darkroom in his parents’ attic, where I first began B+W processing in some rather primitive conditions, with water hauled up in buckets. Soon after, I discovered that helping to run the photographic club in the sixth form was a great way of avoiding games lessons at school and also gave me access to a slightly more sophisticated darkroom.

At university, I joined the photographic societies and also took advantage of free access to lab darkrooms. After years of trying with limited success to keep a home darkroom light and dust free, I finally tried a digital experiment with a Fuji S5600 bridge camera, before getting my present Olympus E620.

My interests are mostly landscape, architecture and some portraiture, with a possibly excessive taste for sepia toning.

Nigel Leyland’s Flickr Photostream

Olive Gaughan

I’ve always had an interest in art of some form, and have had a camera of my own since I bought my first in the 1970s with my 1st Holy Communion money.

I discovered photography as a hobby in 2007, and it has since become an obsession! My particular photographic interests are landscape and portraiture. I’m a country girl at heart, and landscape brings me outdoors. I particularly enjoy being up for sunrise, to witness the light and colours transform the landscape and wake the world up. I’m currently focusing on slow exposure landscapes, where time captures a bit of magic in sea and clouds.

I’ve been a member of Offshoot since 2009, and have enjoyed every minute of it!

Olive Gaughan’s Flickr Photostream

Phil Tung

A picture is worth a thousand words – I have learned so much and have been so inspired by being a member of Offshoot.

Phil Tung’s Flickr Photostream

Richard Boyle

I had an interest in photography from a relatively early age, but only really got into it seriously during the digital era with the purchase of a Canon 350D prior to a trip to Yosemite in 2005. Having now migrated to a 5DMk2 I’m mostly interested in landscape photography and particularly enjoy travel photography, having been lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit both on holidays and for work.

I joined Offshoot in 2011 as I wanted to expand my photographic horizons and try a few different things. It proved to be a good idea as I have now, amongst other things, photographed strawberries dropping into milk, gannets in flight in the Saltees, and fire juggling on Killiney beach!

Richard Boyle’s Flickr Photostream

Richard Byrne

I have been interested in photography for many years but only really taken it up seriously in the last two years.The club has helped me develop my ‘limited’ skills and hopefully I will continue to improve in the years to come.

Richard Byrne’s Flickr Photostream

Wendy Hannan

Since I retired, photography has become a full-time addiction! More stimulation has come via the camaraderie of the enthusiastic, talented and generous Offshoot members.

Flickr has also been an invaluable tool for expanding possibilities. Travel, architecture and natural forms are my current favourite subjects.

Wendy Hannan’s Flickr Photostream

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