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26th September 2020


High Altitude.

Helen Black shared a super presentation of her trips to Mount Everest base camp and to the top of Kilimanjaro. She really provided an insight into these famous treks and imparted to our members a sense of being on the trip with her.  Well done.

Launch Of Critique Series.

Robbie O'Leary kick-started a new series of genre specific Monday Night Critique Sessions with a superb presentation.  The first focus is  Nature.  We will have critiques based on other genres every few months. See details in a recent email.

So far, we have very few submissions and the event is at risk. The submission date is the 28th of September. Please do not leave it to the last minute.

Here is the link for submitting images. Link  

Next Monday Night.

Have you ever heard of FIAP Salons and wondered what happened or the purpose of such events. On Monday night Joe Doyle will explain what FIAP Salons are all about and provide a selection of images which feature in these events.

Joe will also be happy to answer any queries you may have.   I have had a glimpse of  a few of  these images and eager to see more.

Call for Submissions of Images for the IPF National Shield 2020

Deadline for Submission: 20th October

Submission Link:

What is the National Shield?

The IPF National Shield is an annual inter-club competition which is open to all clubs who are affiliated to the IPF.  The competition is designed to cater for members of Photography Clubs who are just beginning their photography journey, so advanced photographers are specifically excluded.

We won this competition last year, so we have a responsibility to maintain the standard of our entry going forward.

Who Can Enter?

It is easier to describe who cannot enter. The following are excluded:

  • If you have won a prize or a medal in an IPF competition. (If you have won one you will know). You can win our internal OffShoot competitions or any other (non-IPF) external competitions but still be able to enter the Shield. Participation in last years entry is not a barrier as that is not an individual prize or medal).
  • If you have achieved Associate Distinction (AIPF) or similar
  • If you have achieved a Fellowship Distinction (FIPF) or similar.

The IPF also stipulate ‘’anyone whose club considers him or her to be of an advanced standard in any discipline of photography’’ should be excluded from entering.

Any other fully paid-up member of OffShoot can submit images for selection.  So, if even if you have an IPF Licentiate Certification (LIPF) you can submit images.   Each club will select the best 8 mono and 8 colour images from their eligible members to form two panels.  You can enter images which you have entered in our club competitions or activities, even if you have won or been placed in our own competitions.

To promote entries from photographers at an earlier stage of their development, we are limited to just 2 images per panel from LIPF qualified members. This complicates the selection process for the selection committee but does not limit in any way LIPF holders from entering as many images as the club rules allow.

Call For Images

We are looking for entries from our members.  Please forward your best mono and colour images to this link above. A maximum of 5 colour and 5 mono is allowed per entrant. The images should be in jpg format, with approx. 2000 pixels on the long side and named as follows. 


Replace 999 with your membership number.  Please do not use your own name as part of the title, as the selection committee needs to review the images anonymously. Please do not use punctuation such as commas, apostrophes or strange characters. Please avoid using spaces. You can use a Capital letter to identify the beginning of a Word (eg My Picture Title becomes MyPictureTitle).

[Please, please, please rename your images as per this format. Not doing so adds massively to the administration of our entry]

We will form a selection committee and shortlist of contenders to represent the club.

We will later seek full resolution images for the shortlisted entries to select our Mono and Colour entry panels.  While we won the overall competition last year, our Mono images were a long way behind the quality of our Colour images, so we ask our members to make an extra special effort submitting Mono images.

To simplify the process,  images can be uploaded to the link

The photographer retains full copyright.

Why Should I Enter?

  • An opportunity to represent your club.
  • As a club, we have a track record of success in this competition. The more images we receive from our members the higher the quality of entry.
  • The IPF uses these competitions to select entries for other international competitions. It might be you.

Weekly Flickr Theme: Fruit & Veg

Remember to include the theme name at the start of the image title.  

See more about how the OffShoot Weekly Flickr Theme works at


This week we're looking for lots of colour, shape and texture.

This site has some great tips: expertphotography veg-fruit photograph

Why not try a bit of humour ?

Or focus stacking ?

Or something inspired by Edward Weston's pepper ?

Entertain me!!  


Upcoming themes will include the following:

(Dates are approx dates for when images can start to be posted to Flickr, usually a Friday night or Saturday morning)

02/10/2020 People

09/10/2020 Bridges

16/10/2020 Autumn colours

23/10/2020 Sunrise/Sunset

30/10/2020 Recreate a painting

06/11/2020 Emotions - happiness/pride/anger/…..

13/11/2020 Night - eg astro / cityscapes / light trails / night portrait etc.

20/11/2020 Street (candid images of daily life)

27/11/2020 Creative selfies

04/12/2020 Literature

11/12/2020 Winter wildlife

18/12/2020 FIRE

25/12/2020 Christmas

What's On

Speakers and Outings


Here are the next scheduled meetings and events for the Society:

Members will be able to attend our outings by registering for specific outings. Keep up to date with the latest events at

Member's Photo of the Week

Just a note for new members – if you want any of your pictures considered for the photo of the week, you just have to post them to the OffShoot Flickr group at:

There’s also the latest images published on Flickr that are displayed on the OffShoot home page.


[Note. To join the Offshoot Flickr group, you must first be a Flickr member. Then send the email address used to join Flickr to You will get an email when you have been added to the group. Please be patient as this is a manual process.]

The Three Doors Of Life By Ken Dobson

The Argument by Mike Smith

From the OffShoot Website
Club Outing – War Memorial Gardens
Well, it was definitely thanks to Google Maps that we found our way to the War Memorial Gardens yesterday for our outing, so if anyone is going themselves we’d advise…
Club Outing - Glasnevin National Botanic Gardens
On Saturday 5th September 10 members arrived for our outing, we were greeted with a great array of colour, plant species and cultivars. The gardens were an oasis of calm…
Interesting Video

If you come across one you want to share let us know at

PHLEARN: Turn Your Favorite Looks into Lightroom Presets!

Thomas Heaton: Sleeping in my Car for Landscape Photography


Club Competitions

Judging timelines on our last competition will be made public soon.

Details for the next competition will follow soon.

IPF Links & Events


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IPF Shield to take place in November. Details circulated by email and above in the newsletter. 

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