Club Competition – Reflections

25 November 2022 | Club Competitions

On the 21st November the fourth formal competition for 2022, ‘Reflections’, was judged by Christine & Eamon O’Daly from Outdoor Studio Photography.

Thanks to all who took part in the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 categories and to Christine & Eamon for the detailed and encouraging feedback provided to our members on their images.

Congratulations to all who achieved a placing or commendation:-

Level 1

  • 1st: Swan Reflection at Bushy Park by Catherine Foley
  • 2nd: A Chapel in Iceland by Emelien Durand
  • 3rd: London Window Reflection by Sara Hanley
  • Highly Commended: Comorant Reflections by Catherine Foley
  • Highly Commended: Mirror Reflection by John Fitzpatrick

The winning images are in the Gallery below:

Level 2

  • 1st: Breaks in the Trees by Nigel Leyland
  • 2nd: Distorted by Micheal McNamara
  • 3rd: On Golden Pond by Jimmy Freeley
  • Highly Commended: Derryclare by Colin Ball
  • Highly Commended: Spiral by Ian Gemmell

The winning images are in the Gallery below:

Level 3

  • 1st: Highland Fling by Helen Black
  • 2nd: Reeds by Richard Boyle
  • 3rd: Reflection Lower Lake by Phil Tung
  • Highly Commended: Glendalough Reflected by Rob Hackett
  • Highly Commended: Poolbeg Reflection by Ken Dobson

The winning images are in the Gallery below:

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