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OffShoot was established in 2008 with the aim of progressing the photography skills of its members through active participation in our programme of events designed to build ability through practical experience. At OffShoot we believe:

  • First and foremost we believe that the image is everything.
    • It is not the camera or lens it was taken with or the techniques used that matter but the final impact and quality of the image itself
  • The best way to advance your skills is to learn from experience.
    • OffShoot is not a school. It will however give you an opportunity to meet like-minded photographers and challenge yourself to improve your skills.
  • To get the most from the club you need to participate.
    • Our programme of outings, competitions, and discussions is geared towards offering our members a chance to gain exposure to all areas of photography and try things they may not have tried individually.
  • That there is great benefit if members interact with other members.
    • Our membership is diverse and it is our aim to bring our members together to talk about all aspects photography, meet new people, and share knowledge. We believe members can gain as much benefit from the social side of the club as through the programme itself.

Finally, whilst it’s impossible to please all of our members all of the time we endeavour to put together a programme that reflects the broad range of interests and abilities within the club.

Who We Are

OffShoot is a photography society in the South County Dublin area with a focus on enjoying photography in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our society caters to photographers of all standards and all genres and firmly believes we each have something we can learn and each have something we can share. However, if you are a complete beginner you will most likely need to also do an external beginners course or increase your knowledge through videos or books.

The club has an active and varied calendar with Club Meetings, Guest Speakers, Practical Tutorials, Outings, formal and informal Competitions and participation in Regional and National Photographic events and initiatives. Come along to one of our meetings and say hello.


The club meets most Monday nights at 8.00pm in St Brigids Girls National School, apart from occasional outings in the local area. The evenings events vary to cater for a wide range of interests. Evenings include: guest speakers, competitions, practical evenings (e.g. model setups, macro, strobist lighting) and outings.


OffShoot Photography Society meet in the school hall of St Brigids Girls National School, Park Drive, The Park, Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

There is ample parking in front of the small shopping centre adjacent to the school. On leaving the car park you follow a short path across some open ground to the pedestrian entrance gate of the school.

Once you go through the pedestrian entrance gate you will see the main school building in front of you. The evening time entrance to the school reception area / school hall is located around the right hand side of the main school building. View OffShoot Photography Society location in a Google map.

Club Communications

As well as in-club announcements we have several means of communication: Weekly newsletter-style update emails are circulated to all members; the website, www.offshoot.ie, features a forum and both member and club galleries; Receive Tweets from us @offshoot_ps, be-friend or like us at offshoot on Facebook or Instagram or even take out an RSS subscription with us (the RSS icon at the top of the page next to the Facebook and Twitter icons) and get copied on all new articles published or calendar events updated. You can also see some of the member’s images on Flickr.

If all that’s not enough you can also email directly to the chairperson at: chairperson@offshoot.ie.

Subs & Dues

The membership fee for 2019 is €90 (for the year or part thereof).  Prospective members can attend meetings for up to three weeks while deciding on full membership. The €90 membership fee is due on joining.

People of all photography levels are very welcome. Full members receive a membership ID number which is used for formal competition entries. Members will receive a weekly Newsletter as well as access to Members Only Flickr and Facebook groups.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! If you have a question or query about joining OffShoot then please email us at: newmembers@offshoot.ie and Nigel Leyland and Peter Brennan (Joint Club Membership Secretaries) will help you out.

For more general information about the Club or non-membership queries please email us at: secretary@offshoot.ie and Russell Burke (Club Secretary) will happily assist.

2019 Committee

At the AGM on 3rd December 2018, the club membership voted in the following committee positions:- Ian Gemmell (Chairperson), Matt O’Brien (Vice-Chairperson), George Balmer (Treasurer), Russell Burke (Secretary) and John Wiles (Competitions Secretary).

The incoming Committee then appointed the following positions:- Helen Black as Shoot With Me Coordinator, Sylvia Hick, Robbie O’Leary, Mary Hahn & Mike Smith as joint Outings Secretary, Gerry Donovan as Joint Competitions Secretary, Matt O’Brien as IPF Liason, Ian Gemmell / Richard Boyle / Noreen Casey / Matt O’Brien as IT / Communications Secretary, Joe Tulie / Jean Harkin on Doors and Nigel Leyland and Peter Brennan as joint Membership Secretary.

The Committee would like to thank outgoing 2018 Committee member Mike Smith for his enthusiastic running of the Outings over the last years. We expect him to be lost with all the extra free time he can now enjoy!

The club’s constitution can be accessed here.

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Get In Touch

Let us know if you have any questions or are interested in joining the club by leaving us a message.

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We believe that the image is everything!
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