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We have renamed ‘Walk With Me’ to ‘Shoot With Me’ as we believe it better describes what this activity is about.

The purpose of the Shoot With Me (SWM) is to bring old and new members together, to share learning and to get members out shooting. The idea is that some of the members (between 12 and 16) volunteer to lead a small group of fellow photographers in a project of the leaders choice.

(The project could be anything. Portraits, Still Life, Landscape, Seascape, Silhouettes, Macro, Musicians, Pets, Killiney Bay, Reflections … The list is endless.)

SWM May 2017 – Copper Coast

On Saturday 22nd April we met in Dungarvan and spent a very pleasant afternoon exploring the beaches of Ballydowane and Kilfarrassey, followed by dinner in the Copper Hen Restaurant before sunset on Benvoy. For those brave (and foolish) enough to rise very early on...

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SWM May 2017 – Light Trails

Our group wanted to try photographing light trails. We learnt the best time to get good shots is the blue hour just after sunset. We found a good location on the bridge above the Dundrum exit of the M50 (Blackglen Road link: After a...

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SWM May 2017 – Grand Canal

The “Grand Canal Plaza” Shoot With Me group – John, Gerry, Brian, Liz, Sylvia and Sasha – spent the evening of 11th April at various locations between the Grand Canal Plaza and the Samuel Beckett Bridge, which included a quick sojourn to the Ferryman pub by a couple...

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SWM May 2017 – Processing with Free Software

In the group we tried some processing techniques to bring out the best in our photos: David in a technical way and Phil in a creative way. The point of using open source software (which is free) is that the experience could improve our understanding of how to use...

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SWM May 2017 – Moon Shots

Shooting the moon is quite a challenge. Apart from being very weather dependent, there is also the challenge that a full moon happens only every 28 days. Even a crescent moon is only available a couple of times a month. Some of us did brave a cold 5am start in...

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SWM May 2017 – Bokeh Effect

The BOKEH team ingeniously used the bokeh blurring effect on distant out-of-focus point light sources, to integrate them into the main image, thus creating an interesting combination of the "real" and the "fanciful". Team members were:- Tony Jobling (leader), Ann...

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SWM May 2017 – Multiple Exposures

With Multi Exposure (Canon) you can take from 2-9 exposures merged into one Image. Multi Exposure Control consisted of the following four types: Additive - the of each single exposure is added cumulatively. Average - based on number of exposures - negative exposure...

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SWM May 2017 – Sligo Coast & Lakes

Seven members went to Sligo to shoot coastal scenes, river, lakes and waterfalls. Long and standard exposures. We had a 2 night stay which allowed us 2 sunset and 2 sunrises plus a lot of options in between. We covered Mullaghmore, Raghly Harbour, Lough Gill, Glencar...

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SWM May 2017 – Greystones Sunrise

The group braved all sorts of weather at ungodly hours of the morning to visit the shoreline at Greystones to catch the sunrise. Sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn't but we all came away feeling better for the attempt and more encouraged for the next outing....

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SWM May 2017 – Drogheda Port

Drogheda offers lots of photo-opps in a very small space, from medieval structure to industrial and Victorian viaducts and a river with widely varying tidal water levels. It rained a lot which made for challenging photography, but we did bump into local camera club...

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