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We have renamed ‘Walk With Me’ to ‘Shoot With Me’ as we believe it better describes what this activity is about.

The purpose of the Shoot With Me (SWM) is to bring old and new members together, to share learning and to get members out shooting. The idea is that some of the members (between 12 and 16) volunteer to lead a small group of fellow photographers in a project of the leaders choice.

(The project could be anything. Portraits, Still Life, Landscape, Seascape, Silhouettes, Macro, Musicians, Pets, Killiney Bay, Reflections … The list is endless.)

SWM December 2016 – Light Painting

The idea of this group was to use light at night-time to create some interesting images. This turned out to be great fun though, as with any outdoor project, it’s worth building in some contingency for the weather, which we did. Early on we used one of the Monday...

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SWM December 2016 – Photo Stacking

Getting a sharp image with a macro lens can be challenging. Photo stacking is a valuable technique to understand how to overcome some of these challenges. Together, we figured out lighting issues and other intricacies of getting a small item fully sharp. Good fun was...

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SWM December 2016 – Portrait Silhouettes

This Shoot With Me group (Liz Roulston, Nigel Leyland, Tony Jobling and Joe Tulie) decided to shoot some portrait silhouettes. We tried shooting with natural light against a window, outdoors against a cloudy sunrise and indoors against a flash lit screen. Costumes and...

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SWM December 2016 – Portraiture from Horror Movies

Every couple of years at SWM time Seamus McKenna returns to this theme of the baddies from those 80's horror movies. On this occasion Seamus wanted to combine the baddies in suitable pose with backlit, coloured fog for effect. Stephanie, Terry, Tony and Ken were up...

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SWM December 2016 – Use of HDR

Our group explored the use of HDR as a means to improve the range otherwise generated in a single shot. Initially we made some progress using the setting within the camera but later got better results using multiple exposures and blending the results on the computer....

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SWM December 2016 – Oil on Water

We were a group of 5 who met in 2 groups around a bowl of water! Our set up was a glass table top suspended across 2 chairs about 2 feet above a variety of coloured cards and patterned papers. Washing up liquid (to disperse the oil) was gently mixed into a glass bowl...

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SWM December 2016 – From Three Rock Mountain

The objective was to catch the sun rising over Dublin Bay and the greater Dublin area from the majestic heights of Three Rock Mountain. Compliments to members of the group who met in the dark and trekked up to the masts at 3 Rock on a cold and windy Saturday morning....

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SWM December 2016 – Horse Racing

We had three visits; firstly to a Point to Point in Tinahely, Co Wicklow and 3 mile steeplechases were on offer, secondly a very wet visit to Denis Cullen’s training yard in Co. Kildare for morning gallops and lastly to a cold Leopardstown Racecourse for flat racing...

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SWM December 2016 – Frozen Flowers

This was an experiment as there seems to be little written on frozen flowers. We were starting from scratch to see what effects we could get - aiming for abstract, dreamy type pictures resembling watercolour paintings. Some flowers worked better than others and...

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SWM December 2016 – Post Processing

Mary Ryder, Michael Lawlor and Larry Dalton went to Colimore Harbour for sunrise and each person took some pictures. In Lightroom all pictures had the horizon straightened and then were carefully cropped. In the case of Mary’s photo of the man in the boat, the camera...

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