What is the IPF?

The IPF (Irish Photographic Federation) is the umbrella organization for camera clubs in Ireland and offers a range of services to clubs all over Ireland. OffShoot Photography Society is affiliated to the IPF. The main services offered are:

  • National Distinctions service
  • International distinctions access (FIAP)
  • Education and promotion of photographic art
  • Club insurance
  • National Club competitions
  • National individual competitions (Print and Projected Images)
  • Lectures and Workshops
  • Platform for international competitions representing Ireland

How does OffShoot Participate in the IPF?

As an amateur photography society, OffShoot works closely with the IPF on a number of fronts, availing of its services and contributing to the photographic community in Ireland. OffShoot participates in the National Club competitions:

  • The National Club Championships – this is the major event of the year, with clubs submitting their best images selected from all members.
  • The National Shield – this is a club competition whereby the images must come from member who do not hold distinctions. OffShoot won the National Shield in 2009.

Members of OffShoot can also participate in the IPFs “Print and Projected Images Competition” and in the IPFs “National Nature Competition”.