Shoot With Me – Autumn 2021 Showcase 1

18 December 2021 | Shoot With Me

The Autumn 2021 Shoot With Me time came and we were fearing going back into Covid-19 lockdown again. The topics for this Shoot With Me were selected on the basis that the photographs could be taken individually and then the groups would work together to plan and produce the outputs for the showcase via video conferencing.

Our leaders and groups were extremely inventive and the results are outstanding. A decision was made again to hold the showcase over two Monday nights. A fortunate decision as if we had tried for one night we would have needed about 4 hours to get through the images!

On Monday 13th December the first set of groups presented their output to the Society. The images from these groups can be seen below.

Musical Instruments (Lead John Brew)

John Brew, Robert O’Leary, Sharon Burrell, Paddy Maddock

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Capturing Autumn (Lead Jean Clarke)

Jean Clarke, Katherine O’Boyle, Peter Brennan, Russell Burke, Alan Oman, Barry Mathews, Aoife Carty

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Exploring Macro (Lead John Staunton)

John Staunton, Andy Quinlan, Derek Lindsay, Enda Magee, Frazer Meredith

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A Journey on the Dart (Lead Pat Divilly)

Pat Divilly, Joe Tulie, Ashley Lowry, Gerry Donovan, Ger Connell, Philip McKeever

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Creative Use of Shutter Speed (Lead Richard Boyle)

Richard Boyle, Bob Acton, George Balmer, Sara Hanley

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Rembrandt Lighting (Lead Richard Byrne)

Richard Byrne, Ken Dobson, Liz Roulsten, Mike Smith, Olive Gaughan

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