Club Outing – Bluebells at Killinthomas Wood

8 May 2022 | Club Outings

On Tuesday 3rd May members of OffShoot were met with a wonderful vista of bluebells immediately upon entering the woods at Killinthomas. A blue carpet on the forest floor- really beautiful – and well worth waiting for!

The bluebells danced in the gentle breeze and they were lit by rays of sunshine peeping through the Springtime pale green tree canopy. But without a doubt the prize for bringing a smile to our faces and joy in our hearts belonged to the amazing birdsong!!

We hear lots of birdsong in Rathfarnham with two parks on our doorstep but never anything like what we experienced on Tuesday last. The sheer variety and complexity of the different songs, many of which we have never heard in Dublin, were enthralling. This magical concert lasted all morning and only began to decline shortly before we left the Wood at 2.30pm.

We felt that for a short while we had joined the magical world that David Attenborough enthuses about so much. Photographs were a small bonus!!

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:


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