Club Outing – Chinese New Year

16 February 2024 | Club Outings

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon (11th February), 11 intrepid Offshoot photographers set off to the Meeting House Square in the Temple bar area. Kick-off time was noon, but a few photographers in our group got in early masquerading as “press” (Irish Times, I believe). The square and stage were adorned with scarlet lanterns and decorations providing a backdrop for the giant dragon that was being set up.

On the dot of noon, the square opened to the public, and it got pretty busy; some photographers found a good location close to the stage. Other photographers maneuvered through the crowd, capturing the intricate details of the dragon dance troupe as it danced to the rhythmic beats of drums and cymbals from the percussionists on the stage opposite. The dragon put on a great display, circling Meeting House Square and chasing the spinning ball.

The focus then switched to the stage, where we were greeted by the festival organisers and treated to a series of acts and music shows that featured the Guzheng, Pipa and Erhu instruments. The finale was a dazzling performance of Tai Chi.

Although crowded and a challenge to get clear shots, it was a great outing and sharing of traditions. Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year of the Dragon.

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:

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