Club Outing – Clontarf Baths Moonrise

25 April 2024 | Club Outings

On a Tuesday evening 23rd April, with the initial signs of summer still holding out, 15 members set out northside to the Clontarf Baths to photograph the moon rising over the North Wall lighthouse. Conditions were good with clear skies but with a little haze on the horizon.

The members set themselves up close to a shelter, with some up on the promenade, others down some the steps on the inshore gravel, while a few hardier members set up about 30-40 yards offshore, dicing with the incoming tide.

Timing of the Moonrise and Sunset was almost perfect with the Moon rising at 8.30 pm and the Sun setting at 8.41 pm giving enough sunlight to illuminate the green of the lighthouse. However 8.30 pm came and went with no sign of the moon. It wasn’t until 8.43 pm that the ghostly apparition of Moon appeared from behind the mist on the horizon but over the next few minutes it gained intensity and definition.

We were blessed with the departure of the Stena Sealink ferry at 8.44 pm which complimented the foreground interest of the north lighthouse. As the moonlight strengthened, and the tide came in, there were opportunities for images of the moon reflected in the sea, shots of the South Wall red lighthouse or both north and south lighthouses together.

Finally at around 9.05 pm, an Irish Ferries ferry departed, to give the last shots of the evening. Members departed with what was agreed was another successful venture for the club.

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:

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