Club Outing – Fawns & Farmleigh

17 August 2020 | Club Outings

It was a lovely morning when we arrived at the Phoenix Park last Saturday 16th August. The sun shone and a large herd of deer were soon spotted out in the middle of grassland.

Seventeen OffShoot members, as well as other members of the public, edged gradually closer to get a good image. Unfortunately, the very protective stags encircling the group made it difficult to isolate individuals. In the end, patience prevailed, and most members seemed content that they had a couple of shots they were happy with.

For some of us, it was onwards to Farmleigh. We knew the house was closed but discovered when we arrived that the walled gardens were also closed. No mention of that on their website! Not to be outdone a couple of us had tea and apple slices on the boathouse lawn, followed by a walk around the lake which provided a few interesting scenes.

A very enjoyable outing overall!

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:


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