Club Outing – Glasnevin Botanic Gardens

1 July 2024 | Club Outings

Offshoot’s outing to the National Botanic Gardens on Tuesday 25th June (which thankfully didn’t involve any boat transfers) was well attended by twelve members. This was the last official outing before the summer break. The weather was initially a little misty with slight drizzle but that soon cleared to soft ambient lighting conditions.

There were a host of features and locations in the gardens for us to consider.

The greenhouses, including the Palm house and Curvilinear Range, that house tropical and subtropical plants, made them excellent subjects for both architectural and botanical photography. The Rose Garden was an ideal spot to practise macro photography, with close-up shots of petals and stamen sporting vibrant colours. An Alpine Yard and Rock Garden presented us with rugged plant life adapted to rocky and high-altitude environments set upon a range of interesting rock formations.
The garden is also home to many architectural features from the complexity of the “What is Life?” installation, which models the DNA dual helix surrounded by the rising waveform of the RNA molecule to the more simplistic and earthy thatched “Viking House”.

There were opportunities to photographic the park wildlife, if you were quick enough, with birds, squirrels, butterflies and bees to choose from.

Finally, and not least, the garden cafe was well stocked with confectionary delights to finish a fine morning’s shooting with a well-deserved coffee!

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below: