Club Outing – Lough Tay Sunset

14 April 2023 | Club Outings

On 4th April, despite the preceding few days which were quite wet, the forecast for this Tuesday was for dry weather up to 8 pm, and a little windy.

Fourteen members turned up for this sunset shoot. The weather was quite cold, and windier than forecast. Gloves were a necessity in these conditions.

Seeing some members attending who had never been to Lough Tay was gratifying. Hopefully, this will prompt another visit to this beautiful location during the Summer and Autumn months.

We set up on the hill overlooking Lough Tay and visibility was good. Despite some promising skies in the lead-up to the sunset, the clouds showed no sign of breaking, and it turned out to be a rather dull evening.

This did not deter the group and many different types of shots were taken, some of the Guinness House with the river snaking around the base of Luggala and some of the unusual structures on the grounds near the house.

We were treated to the wonderful sight of a herd of deer crossing the road near our location and making their way into the nearby woods. There was another herd in close proximity to the Guinness house in the valley. Neither herd was close enough for clear photographs.

We decided to call it a day just around sunset, with the clouds darkening. As forecast, the rain front moved in as we were making our way back to the cars.

Better luck next time, but a creditable turn-out.

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:


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