Club Outing – Revisit Red Kites at Avoca

28 September 2022 | Club Outings

On Saturday 10th September thirteen eager photographers turned up in Avoca village at 2.15 pm ready to capture images of Red Kites. The butcher was scheduled to feed the birds at 2.30 pm, which he did for us, but we waited and there was no sign of Red Kites.

After a while, we saw one or two very high up in the air – but they looked like ‘specks’ in our images.  So we waited and we waited…..a few members went for coffee……. and while they were gone- around 4 pm – there was a flurry of activity and 6-8 Red Kites were seen in the air above. Members outside were busy taking shots of them.  Then they went away again……….

Shortly before 5.15 pm, three female members decided they needed sustenance before driving home so they headed for the coffee shop, for tea/coffee and delicious scones. They left the coffee shop around 5.30 pm to discover that everyone else had gone home!!!

AND the Red Kites had arrived in numbers!!! 20+ Were flying around the village which was now very quiet. The butcher claimed that the Red Kites were late because so many of us were around! He recommends that in future we split the group in two – max 5-6 per group and not altogether.   

As the saying goes:  “You learn something new every day!!”

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:

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