Club Outing – Roller Derby

1 May 2018 | Club Outings

The 28th April, found 11 Offshoot ‘Warriors’ meet up at the Shoreline Leisure Centre in Greystones to capture two exciting matches between the London Rock & Rollers A Team –v’s – Dublin Roller Derby B Team and the London Rock & Rollers B Team – v’s – Dublin Roller Derby C Team.

What is Roller Derby? Well to those of us who were there, it was as ‘clear as mud’ however the official explanation is that Roller Derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction (counter-clockwise) around a track. The Game itself consists of a series of short match ups (jams) in which both teams nominate a jammer who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams attempt to hinder the opposing jammer while assisting their own jammer. Players play both offence and
defence simultaneously- so there you are; now you know!

As a photography session it wasn’t without its challenges. There was fluorescent /reflective lighting on the track, the speed of the game itself and there was never a clear background. That said we did the best we could and hope that you enjoy the attached photos.

We are still not sure who won!!!!

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below: