Competition/Project Programme (2018)


Level 1 Entries
There are 2 sections – B&W and Colour. You may submit up to two (2) entries in total. The entries can be distributed one (1) in each section or two (2) in one section.

Level 2 Entries
There are 2 sections – B&W and Colour. You may submit up to four (4) entries in total. You may submit up to two (2) entries per section.

Submission Options for Projected Competition
Name your images in the format ‘Entry Level’ – ‘Membership No’ – ‘Image Title’ e.g. ‘L1 – 101 – My Image.jpg’.

Then upload the images in one of the following ways:
1. (Preferred) Use the following Dropbox link

2. Upload using the OffShoot web image load feature

3. Send your entries via email to


4. Bring your images to the Hand-In meeting on a USB memory stick.

If you have any queries send an email to and as ever we’ll do our best to help.

Competition Themes & Dates

February – Competition #1 (Projected)

Level 1 Theme – ‘Nature and Wildlife’
Level 2 Theme – Open

19th February – Submission Hand-In
26th February – Judging

‘Nature and Wildlife’ – The theme says it all. Expressed another way it is the natural world and the things in it.

April – Competition #2 (Printed)

Level 1 Theme – ‘Close Up’
Level 2 Theme – Open

16th April – Submission Hand-In
23rd April – Judging

‘Close Up’ – This theme is to encourage you to look closely at what surrounds you. Not into the distance but nearby. Pick things that interest you and find a way turning them into interesting images. Think about shapes, textures and patterns in monochrome as well as the new colours of the year. Go to the Paddy’s day parade – floats, costumes and characters. You can also put on a Macro lens and get really Close Up!

June – Competition #3 (Printed)

Level 1 Theme – ‘Close to Home’
Level 2 Theme – Open

11th June – Submission Hand-In
18th June – Judging

‘Close to Home’ – We live in a beautiful part of the world. Many interesting natural features, memorable places and lots of events happen close to home. Look at the outings on offer. Don’t forget the weather can be very dramatic at this time of year. What’s close? Ask Father Ted. Don’t stray too far…

September – Competition #4 (Printed)

Level 1 Theme – ‘An Irish Summer’
Level 2 Theme – Open

17th September – Submission Hand-In
24th September – Judging

‘An Irish Summer’ – Although this competition is in September we may be in the middle of summer, who knows. Lots of opportunities in July and August to capture the essence of an Irish summer. Monochrome makes for more drama.

November – Competition #5 (Printed)

Level 1 Theme – ‘Autumn Colours’
Level 2 Theme – Open

19th November – Submission Hand-In
26th November – Judging

‘Autumn Colours’ – We hope this doesn’t need any explanation. Check out the outings they will give you lots of ideas. Difficult for the monochrome specialists but not impossible.


Designed to help members pursue their own style of photography.

A project is a series of three printed photographs submitted for constructive critique during 2018. The choice of theme for your project is entirely up to you. With your first entry, it would be helpful to include information as to what you are aiming to achieve with the three photographs that make up your completed project. At each review, you will receive written feedback on suggestions for your next entry.

Some typical projects:

  • Three entries suitable for my IPF qualification,
  • Improve my portrait work,
  • Produce mono images in square format,
  • Experiment with macro images,
  • Abstract patterns.

If you have any queries send an email to and as ever we’ll do our best to help.

Project Submissions dates

March – Initial entry
12th March – Submission Hand-In
26th March – Feedback

May – Second entry based on feedback in March
21st May – Submission Hand-In
28th May – Feedback

October – Third entry based on feedback in May
15th October – Submission Hand-In
22nd October – Feedback



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