AIPF – Olive Gaughan

The Power of Shadow

Shadows form a silent and powerful influence on how we perceive the 3-Dimensional world we live in. What better means to understand the realm of shadow than to explore its effect on the human form.

This panel embraces the power of shadow to enhance and transform, within the sphere of portraiture. Shadows have been created by combining light with a range of everyday items. We see the ability of shadow to reveal, to conceal, to dress, to adorn, to suggest; to add mystery, glamour, elegance, drama; to sculpt our perception of the human face; with varying degrees of force.

I hope that my panel increases your awareness of the power and potential of shadow.
Click on any image below to show a fullscreen view of the images in the panel:

One of the most important services provided by the Irish Photographic Federation is the IPF Distinctions service.

Individual photographers present their work before the distinctions judges, who assess whether the applicant should be awarded the relevant distinction applied for.

There are three levels of Distinction:- Licentiateship, Associateship, and Fellowship. Distinctions sittings are held twice a year; typically in May and November.

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