AIPF – Seamus MacKenna

Written Statement:

“People often use flowers to convey feelings and emotions. I wanted to see if I could capture and retain a memory of those feelings and emotions to preserve them for continued enjoyment after the bloom is gone. I submit to you a panel of Flower Portrayals. I hope to communicate something of the personality of these flowers and to share with you the emotions and feelings they evoke in me as I explore them through my lens… Passion, Elegance, Romance, Wistfulness, Love, Simplicity, Beauty, Grace, Tenderness and even Mystery. If you witness some of these as you review my work then I am content.” – Seamus Mac Kenna AIPF

Judges Comments:

“The first thing I want to do is to take my shoes and socks off and jump into the images. These are phenomenally good. I loved it, the way the colours are presented, the whole structure of it, the lines, everything. It is very feminine, perhaps, people would look into it that way, I dunno, but the lines, simplicity, tones, the tonal range and everything about it. I would take that home personally myself. I think that is absolutely amazing. Congratulations.” – John Cuddihy, IPF President.

One of the most important services provided by the Irish Photographic Federation is the IPF Distinctions service.

Individual photographers present their work before the distinctions judges, who assess whether the applicant should be awarded the relevant distinction applied for.

There are three levels of Distinction:- Licentiateship, Associateship, and Fellowship. Distinctions sittings are held twice a year; typically in May and November.

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