AIPF – Taryn Barling

Defying the Odds


The condition of having or sharing certain attitudes and interests in common. Real, but intangible.

The Jewish Community in Dublin has been in existence for centuries and spans all generations. Although economic and social constraints exert their pressures on a small community, still it survives and even attracts new, young families from Israel and Europe. I wanted to capture the warmth and positivity of all our members who make Ireland their home.

Unfortunately, the numbers attending Services are decreasing and our Synagogue is soon to be sold. This will allow us to move to a smaller venue more suitable to our needs.

Religious restrictions limit taking photographs during most religious ceremonies. Therefore the images I have taken are records of moments in time that document the life of our community at the location we are in now and which show that we are still here, we are still very much alive, despite all the challenges.

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