LIPF – Liam Haines

An AV or Audio Visual is an excellent way of showing your photos in a slightly different light. It starts with a story – photos and archive material are used to illustrate the story and voice/music/sound effects are used to tell the story. The finished product can be shown on projectors, computers and hand-held devices, such as, iPads and smart phones.

AVs can be shown to a far wider audience on YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Vimeo – to name a few.

Many camera clubs have separate sections for AV enthusiasts and the IPF have a separate committee to cater for the hobby. They run the annual National Championships in October each year which attracts many entrants from home and abroad. The IPF also recognise AV workers by allowing them to apply for IPF Distinctions and there are a specific set of criteria by which the work is judged.

There is also an international dimension which gives the option to submit work to competitions in Europe, Australia and South Africa.

If any OffShoot members are interested, I’d be happy to any questions.

One of the most important services provided by the Irish Photographic Federation is the IPF Distinctions service.

Individual photographers present their work before the distinctions judges, who assess whether the applicant should be awarded the relevant distinction applied for.

There are three levels of Distinction:- Licentiateship, Associateship, and Fellowship. Distinctions sittings are held twice a year; typically in May and November.

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