Guest Speaker – John Dunne

25 June 2016 | Guest Speakers


On Monday 20th June 2016 the club had John Dunne as its guest speaker. John Dunne is a Landscape photographer based in Dublin specialising in Irish Landscapes and Seascapes.

John talked to us about his photography and his passion for taking images of water and especially the sea and coastal areas. While he is still a part time photographer his ultimate wish is the be able to become a full time photographer and give up his day job in IT. As well as taking photographs he runs  workshops with Athena Carey. (See more at the Light, Land and Sea site here.)

During the evening John showed us a number of his Seascapes as well as discussing the four steps he considers to be the important steps for taking good photographs concentrating on the preparation steps which encompass doing research on the area as well as understanding the tides and sun (light) positions.

The evening was entertaining and enlightening and we thank John for spending the time with us.

To see John’s images go to his website by clicking here. We’ve included a tasting of his images below:

All images above © John Dunne. Used with permission.

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