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Please take 5 minutes to complete our Membership Survey.
The purpose of the survey is to ensure that we have your up to date personal information and your interests and skills.

The personal information will be used only for club business and communication. The information will not be supplied to any third parties.

The information on your interests and skills will be used to try and target the speakers and outings to meet the requirements of the members. (The red * Indicates that answering a question is compulsory.)

If the survey is submitted successfully you will see a message: \”Your survey was successfully submitted\” and will receive an email with your survey selections. If you do not get this message when you hit submit then the survey is not submitted.

Please check for fields highlighted in red to indicate they are missing.

I agree to allow OffShoot Photography Society to use my images submitted for publication on any website / social media it manages for the sole use of advertising and promoting the club. OffShoot Photography Society will not give or receive any financial compensation for doing so.
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