Shoot With Me – Spring 2016 Groups

26 January 2016 | Shoot With Me

The purpose of the Shoot With Me (SWM) is to bring old and new members together, to share learning and to get members out shooting. The idea is that some of the members (between 12 and 16) volunteer to lead a small group of fellow photographers in a project of the leaders choice.

Choose your 1st, 2nd and 3rd project choices and return to me at this address ( along with your name – as soon as you can please. Do not contact the leaders directly.

Please note the dates on Project 8 & 10.

Groups are listed below:

Project 1: Captured by Candle Light **CLOSED

Leader: Tom Murphy

Description: Studio based experimentation with soft candle lighting.

Start Date: Preliminary meeting Thursday 4th February

Requirements: Camera, Tripod, shutter release and medium size zoom or prime. Costs for hiring studio and or model (€20.00 an hour, shared)

Number of Participants: 4

Project 2: Archaeological Sites – a stones throw away! **CLOSED

Leader: Mike Smith

Description: Did you know that there are Dolmens, Neolithic Tombs, High Crosses, Medieval Churches and a host of other sites all within 10 km of Cabinteely? Come and find out where./p>

Start Date: 13th / 14th February with other dates.

Requirements: Camera, Standard lens, Tripod, Filters, Appropriate Clothing for the time of year and most of all – ENTHUSIASM

Number of Participants: 5

Project 3: Water Droplets – for Olympus/Panasonic users only **CLOSED

Leader: Barry Dillon

Description: Using a Hahnel Capture Pro trigger to freeze water droplets in motion.

Start Date: TBD

Requirements: Olympus (four thirds or micro four thirds) or Panasonic camera . A kit lens or medium telephoto will suffice.

Number of Participants: 4

Project 4: Surreal Masked Dinner Party

Leader: Wendy Hannan

Description: Willing to be photographed in turn – wearing masks.

Start Date: Evening of either 1st, 2nd or 3rd March

Requirements: Willing to take a zany outlook to the concept- Mask, lights and light stands triggers and receivers — I have one of each.

Number of Participants: 4

Project 5: Hyper Focal Distance

Leader: Andy Quinlan

Description: Hyper Focal Distance (HFD): is the Distance that you can Focus on so that the Image will be “Sharp” from the Far Distance (Infinity) to a distance Halfway(½) between the Camera and the Distance you have Focused (Near) for any Given Aperture.

Start Date: Saturday 5th March

Requirements: Tripod, Wide Angle Lens: 18-55 or 10-20 or 18-135 or 18-200, or whatever you have (camera release cable if you have it -not essential).

Number of Participants: 5

Project 6: Colour Popping

Leader: Karen Rothwell

Description: Using colour popping to draw attention to key focal points in your images.
This will be about processing images in Photoshop rather than about camera techniques but we shall start with a street photography outing to gather suitable images.

Start Date: Outing: Sat 27 Feb or Sat 5 Feb, in Grafton St/Stephens Green area. Processing workshop: 9 or 10 March.

Requirements: Camera & Photoshop, etc.

Number of Participants: 5

Project 7: Portraits using GoBos (go betweens)

Leader: Olive Gaughan

Description: Where an object is placed between the light and the subject in order to create interesting shadows on the subject.

Start Date: 5th March at 15:00 – with other dates

Requirements: Camera, gobos (to be discussed at initial meeting) €20.00 per person for model costs.

Number of Participants: 5

Project 8: 1916 Celebrations

Leader: Rob Hackett

Description: Clarke Square at Collins Barracks where there is a
re-enactment of the Irish Volunteer a Foot and Arms Drill with a demonstration of the uniforms weapons. Meet in the Collins Barracks square 1.45pm.

Start Date: Saturday 30th January plus Easter Weekend activity and other dates.

Requirements: Camera, tripod, shutter release

Number of Participants: 6

Project 9: Seascape – Burren, Co. Clare

Leader: Dermot Staunton

Description: Week-end away in the beautiful Burren area shooting land and seascapes.

Start Date: 18th – 20th March

Requirements: Wide to medium lens, camera, tripod. Optional: ND Grad, 10 and 6 stop filters. B&B costs and usual travel expenses.

Number of Participants: 5

Project 10: Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club

Leader: Frank Guilfoyle

Description: Frank will lead a small group sailing in the DMYC’s Frostbite dingy racing series.

Start Date: Sunday 31st January at 12.30 at DMYC

Requirements: Camera

Number of Participants: 3

Project 11: Silhouettes – People, Places and Things

Leader: George Balmer

Description: While exploring the technique we will use each other as subjects and afterwards we can, individually, use whatever we have learned to create daguerreotype-like images of family members or friends. These images will probably be in b/w as in Victorian style.

Start Date: 4th or 5th February – with other dates.

Requirements: Camera

Number of Participants: 5

Project 12: Natural Light Portraits

Leader: Nicky White

Description: The idea is to shoot some natural light portraits, probably varying the shoot for early morning and evening time, to study impact of light quality.

Start Date: Saturday 20th February – with other possible dates.

Requirements: Camera, Equipment is standard portrait lens – focal length 50-80mm non-cropped. Reflectors if available – I can bring a five-in-one along.
Imagination – be prepared to suggest interesting locations , poses and supply interesting accessories – hats, fascinators etc.

Number of Participants: 5