SWM May 2016 – HyperFocal Distance

5 June 2016 | Shoot With Me

The objective of the this group, HyperFocal Distance(HFD), this year was two fold:

  1. To explain to the group about HFD concept and show them how to measure HFD for any Aperture setting, Focus method & Lens settings, how HFD is calculated  etc.
  2. To determine which Aperture gives the absolute best sharpness without diffraction by taking images through out the Aperture range.

We (Andy Quinlan, Karen Rothwell, Mike Smith, Peter Brennan, Pearl Walsh, Emily Gallagher, Tom Murphy & Jean Clarke) found that even at Aperture f/1.8 there was amazing Depth of Field (DOF).

The Apertures that gave absolute best sharpness without diffraction were f/11 to f/13.

A PDF document is included here which helps to explain more clearly the HFD results.

Click on an image below to enlarge:


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