SWM May 2018 – Ravaged by Time Abstracts

4 July 2018 | Shoot With Me

Our plan was to focus on abstract or semi-abstract images of rusting metal, peeling paint on corroding machinery. We enjoyed a couple of great outings despite a few cancellations due to poor weather conditions.

Our trip to Lough Borra was very enjoyable, we happened upon a man who worked there for the last 30 years and he gave us a short history of the area. Our trip to Howth was great as a couple of the lads had got there early and found a wonderful location off the beaten track with a host of possibilities.

<>It was an interesting project, it made you look at things in a different way and opened up many ideas for future projects. For the panel, we decided on a square format which really worked well. Thanks to everyone for taking part and your wonderful company.

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