SWM November 2015 – Guinness Store House

7 December 2015 | Shoot With Me

Guinness is one of Ireland success stories and is an Irish brand known far and wide. The Storehouse itself is one of Ireland top tourist attraction and tells the Guinness story over 7 floors through various interactive exhibition areas including ingredients, brewing, transport, cooperage, advertising and sponsorship. The Storehouse was a former fermenting plant with significant architectural interest and acclaim.

Following extensive discussions with the Guinness Storehouse, we finally received approval for a small group to visit the venue to take photos. We received full access to the Storehouse with the only restrictions being that we went when the Storehouse was quiet and that we didn’t disturb other visitors. We also agreed that our photos would not be used for commercial gain.

Regrettably, only Richard Boyle and Ken Dobson were able to make it on the day, with the mid-week, very early morning time, making it difficult for other members to participate. We can only say that the visit more than exceeded our expectations and the building provided opportunities to photograph architecture, people, products and exhibitions. We were very pleased with the photos we captured and with the experience we had on the day. We recommend that members would visit the Storehouse if they haven’t been there before.

We must express our thanks to the Guinness Storehouse staff who looked after us and made the event worthwhile. We intend taking them up on their offer to visit the Storehouse again.

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