SWM November 2015 – Still Life in the style of Old Masters

Dec 10, 2015 | Shoot With Me

The theme of our Shoot With Me was Still Life in the style of Old Masters. The shoot was 5 photographers consisting of John Coveney, Emily Gallagher, Rob Micallef, Ken Dobson and leader Barry Dillon. We did the shoot over two nights in Barry’s home.

We used a very simple set up of a black cloth as background  with a  single studio strobe (Elinchrom D one) with 66cm square soft box.

We learned two things: firstly we quickly discovered that the soft box gave a lovely soft light and it was easy to nail the exposure quickly, however the difficult bit was coming up with a pleasing composition.

The second lesson was that the closer the light source was to the subject the quicker the light falls off giving a nice graduation of shadow across your subject. No prizes for guessing that we started near Halloween. Barry bought some pumpkins and walnuts and used some fallen leaves as objects and his wife must get a nod for buying the ‘goordy’ things. 

We all enjoyed the experience and saw the benefit of lovely soft light from a studio light & soft box setup. It will certainly get us doing more still life shots during the winter.

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