Club Events – Table Top

17 March 2014 | Club Events

Table Top

The theme for the Club Night on March 10th was a ‘Table Top’ demo night. The aim of the evening was to show members what could be done at home on a ‘Table Top’.

We had the following 6 stalls set up around the room:

  1. Kevin Grace – Water Drops
  2. Ken Dobson – Still life – Coke bottles
  3. Wendy Hannan –Still life
  4. Seamus Mac Kenna – Flowers
  5. Kazi Ushioda – Still life – fruit, vegetables etc.
  6. Olive Gaughan – Smoke Art

The members were split up into 6 groups and each group had 15 minutes at a stall where the setup was explained and some had a chance to take some pictures. The evening was very informative and we all came away with new ideas as to what could be done with a little imagination and a lot of time.