Club Outing – Whale Watching

1 February 2013 | Club Outings

Whale Watching

There She Blows! – Buoyed up by all the whale sightings reported on the RTE news a brave bunch of seafaring Offshoot photographers weathered the conditions off Hook Head on an expedition to capture these seasonal visitors in their Gathering for 2013.

Led by our very own Captain John, the group were dreaming off shots similar to those netted two years ago and hoping for something more than last years tiddlers. It was, by all accounts, a bit of a rough start and it was difficult to get close to the Fin Whales in the morning – they are not called the “greyhound of the seas” for nothing!

Fortunately, the group did get reasonably good views in the afternoon. Hopefully no one was in too much of a ‘hump’ afterwards…

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