WWM – Autumn ’12

10 December 2012 | Shoot With Me



Approximately 52 high class images were proudly unveiled at the showcase evening on 10th December for the latest round in our increasingly popular Walk With Me series (aka WWM). For those not yet familiar with the concept Walk With Me is a group photography event led by a Leader and the main purpose is to mix up Club Members into groups and to explore some new photography genre or technique as guided by the Leader. Ten Leaders plus 54 team members made this the largest WWM to-date. Kazi Ushioda’s group on Still Life was the most popular on the night…

The Team Leaders and their themes were:

  1. Seamus MacKenna – DIY Canvas Print
  2. John Coveney – Deer Rut
  3. Stacey Neilson – Jewellery
  4. Dermot Staunton – Cityscape
  5. Olive Gaughan – “Dark Hedges”
  6. Kevin Grace – Sunrise
  7. Richard Boyle – Devil’s Glen
  8. Wendy Hannan – Long Exposure
  9. Nicky White – Street
  10. Kazi Ushioda – Still Life
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