WWM – Autumn ’13

8 December 2013 | Shoot With Me



The Walk with Me Showcase on Monday 9th December was a packed house. We had approx 75 members in attendance. Twelve teams and sixty two WWM participants displayed and discussed their panels with wide ranging themes which included landscape, portrait and a number of concept themes.

The level of creativity on display was really impressive. As well as being informative, the night proved to be very entertaining also, with lots of laughter ensuing.

The Team Leaders and their themes were:

  1. Seamus MacKenna – Stalk With Me II
  2. Richie Dalton – Child Photography
  3. Phil Tung – Long Exposure
  4. Paddy Maddox – Wicklow Landscapes
  5. Mike Smith – The Luas Green Line
  6. Kevin Grace – Sunrise
  7. Trevor Stafford – Studio Lights Portrait
  8. Paul O’Brien – Painting With Light
  9. Ann O’Dwyer – Silhouette
  10. Ken Dobson – Product Photography
  11. Eamonn Keating – Bull Wall
  12. John Coveney – Blue Of The Night