WWM – Autumn ’14

15 December 2014 | Shoot With Me



The Walk with Me Showcase on Monday 8th December was a popular event. We had approx 70 members in attendance. Twelve teams displayed and discussed their panels with wide ranging themes which included landscape, portrait and a number of concept themes.

The level of creativity on display as usual was really impressive.

The Team Leaders and their themes were:

  1. Star Trails – Leader: Emily Gallagher
  2. Portraits in a Home Studio – Leader: Barry Dillon
  3. Still Life (Renaissance / Vanitas style) – Leader: Olive Gaughan
  4. Wicklow – Leader: Keith Mitchell
  5. Scotland – Leader: David Whitaker
  6. Still Life and the Orton Effect – Leader: Seamus MacKenna
  7. Photographic Scavenger Hunt – Leader: Joe Tulie
  8. Portraits / Lighting / Fashion – Leader: Kyle Tunney
  9. Windows and Doors – Leader: Mike Smith
  10. Painting with Light – Leader: Tom Murphy
  11. Silhouettes – Leader: Ian Gemmell
  12. Bracketing – Leader: Matt O’ Brien