WWM December 2014 – Bracketing and Blending

6 January 2015 | Shoot With Me

The objective of the group (Denis Mahony, Laura Coughlan, Phil Tung, Stacey Neilson, Tony Jobling and Matt O’Brien) was to learn how to blend a number of images with different exposure settings. This allows the capture of a set of raw files which include the full range of highlight and shadow information.

We arranged a field trip initially to explore how best to capture a suitable series of images. This was followed by a classroom session (thanks to Stacey for use of her classroom) to learn a simple blending technique. The final result should be an image which looks natural and reflects the reality of the scene as viewed by the photographer. We had a subsequent field trip and classroom session to refine our field craft and computer skills.

The first image in the slideshow demonstrates the technique, with a schematic showing before and after thumbnails:-


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