WWM December 2014 – Still Life and the Orton Effect

7 January 2015 | Shoot With Me

The Orton Effect, is a photography technique which blends two completely different photos of the same scene, resulting in a distinctive mix of high and low detail areas within the same photo. It was originated by photographer Michael Orton in the mid 1980s.

The technique involves blending two or three transparencies of the same composition together. One image contains the detail component, in focus and overexposed, the second and /or the third is the color component, and is out of focus and overexposed.

A tripod is essential, as this technique involves manipulating focus and focal length without moving the camera.

Seamus in his normal professional manner took the team through the planning, photograph taking and finally what needs to be done in PS afterwards.

The team members were and their images are below:-

  • Seamus Mac Kenna
  • Debbie McHugh
  • David Whitaker
  • Ian Gemmell