WWM May 2015 – Fun with Macro

26 May 2015 | Shoot With Me

The ‘Fun With Macro’ group consisted of leader Seamus MacKenna and Pearl Walsh, Marie Neville, Ann O’Dwyer and Chris Raythorn. Inspiration came from a Fun With Macro magazine and the group set out to reproduce a range of the shots featured therein.

This involved submerging coloured pencils in 7-Up, dunking fruit in water, catching dyed water drops hitting a water surface, shooting M&M’s in a refracted manner by focusing on glycerine drops above them and lastly snapping kiddies blow bubbles in all their swirling colour glory… a big ask for a two hour session!

The most pleasing results were got on the Bubble Planet shots and it’s simply amazing the abstract colours and patterns that exist on those tiny bubbles for a fleeting few seconds! – give it a try for yourself. Seamus created a montage of Bubble Planets for his own Bubble Galaxy … he really needs to get out more ….