WWM May 2015 Showcase

6 June 2015 | Shoot With Me

On Monday 25th May we had the showcase for the Spring 2015 Walk With Me. The evening was well presented with 13 groups presenting their experiences and images. There were 2 projected projects followed by 11 printed groups.

The evening was full and interactive and we were all inspired to try new things. The groups and their images can be seen by following the links below:

  1. Flowers in Ice
  2. HyperFocal Distance
  3. St Stephens Green (Sunrise / Sunset)
  4. Long Exposure (Water)
  5. Abstract Landscape
  6. Street Photography
  7. ND Filters Explored
  8. Audio Visual Slide Show
  9. Miniature Fun People
  10. Fun With Macro
  11. Dusk – Night Time Photography
  12. Star Trails
  13. Reflections and Light


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