WWM December 2014 – Photographic Scavenger Hunt

3 January 2015 | Shoot With Me

Joe Tulie took this WWM group to Botanical Gardens. The plan was to scour the Gardens for 26 shots from a given alphabetical list. Joe tried to make it easier by giving several alternative choices and tried to pick titles that were likely to be found there.

We finally managed to get a weekend that suited everyone and made two visits to the botanic gardens on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd Nov. The weather was different on the two days and the two groups visited different areas so we managed to get most of the 26 letters of the alphabet between us.

The gardens are a great location for plants, flowers, birds, landscape and architecture. Even on the wet day we got some good shots in the greenhouses.

The team members were:-

  • Helen Black
  • Frances Donnelly
  • Mary Mc Sweeney
  • Richard Boyle
  • Seamus Mac Kenna
  • Joe Tulie