WWM – Spring 2015 Topics

14 February 2015 | Shoot With Me

Walk With Me (WWM) is a selection of activities organised by the club and facilitated by fellow members (Leaders).

The objective is to meet other club members, have some fun, learn a bit more about photography then to follow through to getting an image printed.

All our collective efforts are then presented at the Showcase on Monday 25th May at the club in Cabinteely. Everyone is invited to share their experience and show off their work.

This has always been a very popular event in the OffShoot calendar. There are no expectations other than to have had a good time and to have learned a bit along the journey.

So join up!

Choose your 1st, 2nd and 3rd project choices and return to me at this address (wwm@offshoot.ie) along with your name – as soon as you can please. Do not contact the leaders directly. LAST FEW PLACES LEFT AS INDICATED BELOW – Send in your choices NOW!

Groups are listed below:

Project 1: Flowers in Ice – Closed

Leader: Ian Gemmell

Description: Freezing flowers is a great way to give your flower photography a chilling and painterly look. We will encase a delicate flower in a block of ice and take pictures. The cracks, bubbles and other imperfections created by many gradual layers of frozen water will give the subject a lovely impressionistic quality.

Start Date: 11th or 19th April

Requirements: A camera, lens (preferably macro or macro rings (should be able to borrow), tripod and some lights / flash if you have.

Number of Participants: 6

Project 2: Hyperfocal Distance – Spaces Available: Starts March

Leader: Andy Quinlan

Description: Experiment with Depth of Field and aim to have Foreground to Infinity in focus.

Start Date: March.

Requirements: 4 with Canon cameras, 2 with Nikon Cameras
(Reason – all Good Nikon Lens have Hyperfocal distance Marked on them but NOT Canon) – Tripod – Remote release – Measuring Tool (I have one that can be shared, its a Bosch PLR 25 laser measuring tool, 2mm up to 25 metres).

Number of Participants: 6

Project 3: Sunrise and Sunset – Closed

Leader: Matt O’Brien

Description: This is an opportunity to explore “Urban Landscapes” with elements of both nature and architecture around St. Stephen’s Green area.

Start Date: Sat 21st Feb

Requirements: Camera, tripod and your favourite lens (opportunity to use wide angle to telephoto).

Number of Participants: 5

Project 4: Long Exposure – Rivers – Closed

Leader: Kevin Grace

Description: This shoot will use long exposures to capture the flow of water around rocks etc.

Start Date: 21st March

Requirements: Apart from the usual Tripod etc. this shoot will require a polariser and some ND filters to slow down the water. Hiking boots / Wellies.

Number of Participants: 4/5

Project 5: Abstract Landscape – Closed

Leader: Sheena Griffin

Description: Take a different view to landscape photography.

Start Date: March

Requirements: Camera, tripod, shutter release.

Number of Participants: 6

Project 6: Street Photography – Spaces Available: Starts March

Leader: Conor Molloy

Description: Meet up at your decided location to capture the unique scenes of street photography.

Start Date: March

Requirements: Camera and comfortable shoes

Number of Participants: 6

Project 7: ND Filters Explored – Spaces Available: Starts 4th / 5th April

Leader: George Balmer

Description: Use long exposures (say 2-20 secs.) to capture moving water, clouds etc.

Start Date: 4th/5th April

Requirements: Camera, ND filters, tripod, shutter release, coffee, etc.

Number of Participants: 8

Project 8: Group Audio Visual Slide Show – Spaces Available: Starts Wed 25th February

Leader: Liam Haynes

Description: Taking the necessary photos to illustrate the topic; recording a voice-over; adding sound effects and/or music generating a *.exe file for projection.

Start Date: Wednesday 25th Feb. at 19:00hrs or 20:00hrs at Horse and Hound.

Requirements: A camera, lens (preferably macro or macro rings (should be able to borrow), tripod and some lights / flash if you have.

Number of Participants: 5/6

Project 9: Miniature Fun People – Spaces Available: Starts 28th March

Leader: Anne O’ Dwyer

Description: Have a bit of fun playing with miniature people and perspective using a variety of foods and props.

Start Date: Saturday March 28th or Saturday April 11th

Requirements: A camera, a macro lens would be good but not essential. Anne will supply food and little people but if you have your own ideas and figures bring them along.

Number of Participants: 6

Project 10: Landscape Photography from a Height – Closed

Leader: Matt Dunne

Description: Photographing scenery from the EBS power station in Turlough Hill in Wicklow.

Start Date: Late March / Early April

Requirements: A camera, tripod, shutter release.

Number of Participants: 6

Project 11: Fun With Macro – Closed

Leader: Seamus Mc Kenna

Description: Fun looking macro scenarios that can be done in your home .. no insects / spiders / flowers involved. This WWM will be about each member undertaking one of these macro ideas and together we will try and get an interesting shot from it.

Start Date: 21st March

Requirements: Camera and lens with a close up or macro capability, tripod, shutter release.

Number of Participants: 6

Project 12: Dusk / Night Time Photography – Spaces Available: Starts 7th March

Leader: Joe Tulie

Description: Capturing images of Bord Gais Theatre and Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Start Date: Sat 7th March, 6pm to 9 pm

Requirements: Warm clothes, tripod and camera.

Number of Participants: 4 / 6

Project 13: Star Trails – Closed

Leader: Roseanne Kelly

Description: Get star trails in the sky with interesting foreground around Glendalough.

Start Date: 20th March + New Moon dates.

Requirements: Camera & spare battery, tripod, remote release/trigger, torch. Post processing required on either Photoshop or free downloads of other software..

Number of Participants: 6

Project 14: Wild Birds Around Dublin Bay – Closed

Leader: John Coveney

Description: Brent Geese or Black Guillemots around Dublin Bay e.g. at Fairview, Bull Island, Baldoyle, Poolbeg or Dalkey – depending on where the birds are. There will be a meeting in John’s office in Shankill near the end of the project to select the best shots.

Start Date: Sat 28th Feb, or if the weather is bad, Sun 1st Mar. It will be an early start at about 6.30 am

Requirements: Long lens of at least 300mm, or 200mm and a converter, outdoor clothing, good alarm clock!

Number of Participants: 5/6

Project 15: Reflections and Light – Closed

Leader: Jesuchristopher Joseph

Description: Capturing the reflections and light around Dublin’s canals.

Start Date: Sat 7th March

Requirements: Camera, Standard lens, Tripod (Desireable), Wide angle or Polariser or ND Filters or GND filters; Cable Release and lot of enthusiasm.

Number of Participants: 4/6