Club Outing – Hunting Brook Gardens

30 July 2021 | Club Outings

A few of us had never been to Jimi Blake’s “Hunting Brook Garden” before, so when we set off on a bright sunny Saturday morning, 24th July, for what was the beginning of a magical mystery tour! On arrival at the gardens we met up with 13 other Offshoot members ready to explore.

As soon as we entered the garden we were met with a dazzling display of colours and shapes provided by the numerous flowering plants in the herbaceous beds. Of course where there are flowers you will find insects and they too were plentiful. Indeed it was hard to find a flower without a bee or other insect inhabitant!

Unfortunately, due to the wind, macro photography was difficult amongst the herbaceous plants but further into the garden we encountered a large collection of succulents and cacti which were much easier to photograph.

Quite a few members ventured down to the river and the woodland walk and up to the meadow. There is such a variety of planting and wildlife at Hunting Brook that there is something for everyone and with so many deciduous trees in the garden, Autumn should be beautiful there too.

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:

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