Club Outing – Lough Boora Astrophotography

30 April 2023 | Club Outings

Following a recent recce to this intriguing park, it was decided to attempt an Astro-shoot, using the Skytrain and Bog Oak trees as foreground subjects for Milky Way / Star-trails photos. Using the PhotoPills App, the optimum date for the shoot was set for early Friday morning the 21st of April.

Based on a very promising weather forecast on Thursday 20th, it was decided that the shoot would go ahead.

According to the App, the Milky Way core viewing time was between 02.26 am and 03.55 am. Notwithstanding this ungodly hour, 10 brave members turned up at 1.45 am for the shoot. It should be mentioned that the Sat-Nav directions suggested a number of very narrow country roads, whereas the main road routes via the M4-M6 to Tullamore and the N52 towards the Blue Ball pub were much safer.

Despite this anomaly, all members turned up in good time. A special word of thanks to the members who turned up who had to work later in the day. Their commitment is to be commended.

The skies were crystal clear as predicted and as a bonus the cold winds as forecast did not materialise. Several other photographers were on the scene who had obviously followed the planning Apps and were in place at the Skytrain. Nevertheless, they were a friendly bunch and space was made for the new arrivals. Coordination was the key and all attendees played their part in order that there was no interference from head torches and other artificial lighting sources.

One of the other attendees was kind enough to provide a light source for the Skytrain to be lit up for the Offshoot Group. Settings were discussed and advice was given to the uninitiated. The action tapered off at around 02.45 and we returned to the car park for the long journey home.

All-in-all an excellent night out.

Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the outing can be seen below:


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