Club Meeting – Posing for Portaits / Competition #1 Hand-In

Two of our club members (Steve Crozier & Richard Byrne) will discuss posing a model as preparation for the Modeling night on 10th February.

Richard and Steve will share some tips and techniques for shooting with studio type lights.

The aim isn’t to teach you how to “do lighting” more to give some good places to start with etc. we will also share some ideas on posing models. And how to communicate with them.
Getting the best images when shooting models is generally as much about communication and posing as it is ideas and lighting.

Hand-In for next competition where the theme will be ‘Best of 2019’. (It is a projected competition for all levels.)
Remember, ‘Best of 2019’ might include your Christmas pics, excursions or projects over the holiday season. Any image is good if it was taken in 2019 and it has not been entered into a club competition previously.

Images should be named ‘Level-Membership No-Title.jpg’. e.g. ‘L2-356-A Walk in the Park.jpg’

Hand in for the competition can be made up to 11 pm on the 27th January and should be entered by uploading images to


The event is finished.


27 Jan 2020


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


St Brigid's Girls National School
St Brigid's Girls National School
St Brigid's Girls National School, Sycamore Ave, Cabinteely, County Dublin, Ireland

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