Important Notice Regarding Covid-19

In consideration of Covid-19 and related National Guidelines the OffShoot Photography Society Committee have suspended all OffShoot activities which involve group acivites until such time as the schools reopens and National Guidelines make it clear that group activity can recommence.

For clarity, this includes Monday night meetings, Outings and Shoot with Me.

Joining Offshoot

Why Join A Photography Club?

One of the best ways to improve your photography is to join a photography club. No matter what level of photography you are at, joining a club is a great way to learn more and to meet and exchange ideas with like minded people who share your passion. If you have a New Member query about OffShoot please email

Joining a club gives you the opportunity to:

  • further your interest and knowledge in photography,
  • be exposed to new ideas and techniques,
  • be inspired by what others are interested in,
  • learn through hands on sessions,
  • receive feedback for your work,
  • receive encouragement from others,
  • try new areas of photography that you haven’t attempted before,
  • meet others who use the same camera and equipment as you and to share tips and information.


Why Join OffShoot?

Besides the fact that it’s fun and is a great way to get to meet people who share your interest, OffShoot Photography Society offers an opportunity for photographers to improve their skills, to share ideas and to show their work. Members have a diverse range of photographic interest areas and a wide range of ability. Guest speakers, outings and competitions are set with members interests in mind. What we all have in common is a love of photography and a willingness to share our skills and ideas with fellow members.

10 Things You Need To Know About OffShoot

  1. OffShoot holds meetings most Monday evenings at 8 pm in St. Bridgids National Girls School located in The Park housing estate in Cabinteely, Dublin 18.
  2. We are a society that caters to every level of photography in a relaxed and welcoming environment.
  3. Evening meetings include talks by guest speakers covering a wide variety of photographic interests including landscape, macro, nature, wildlife, travel, street and portraiture etc.
  4. The club runs ‘Shoot With Me’ programs where a leader takes a small group and shares his/her interest in a particular area of photography. The team present their work back to the Club afterwards.
  5. Competitions are run on a regular basis. Formal competitions are set with a variety of themes in mind. Formal competitions give an opportunity for you to receive constructive feedback from an impartial judge about your work. Informal competitions are also held and these are more relaxed, with fun in mind and are a great way to get to know other members.
  6. OffShoot sends regular updates by email with details of upcoming meetings, outings and anything else that might be of interest to its members.
  7. The annual subscription is €80. New members are welcome to attend three meetings before deciding to join. After this trial period prospective new members are asked to make a decision to join.
  8. Throughout the year OffShoot organises outings for its members. This gives members an opportunity to photograph in locations or using setups they would not normally have access to. We have full Club Insurance.
  9. OffShoot has a Flickr and Facebook group where members can post their work and receive feedback.
  10. The Club has many talented photographers who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

The club’s constitution can be accessed here.

What some new members have said about OffShoot



I joined in December 2011. I had just completed a creative photography course with the Institute of Photography and had been advised that joining a photography club was the best way to ensure you got out and about with your camera.



OffShoot Photography Society was recommended because it was known as being an active club i.e. they have regular photography outings. I really enjoy meeting up with fellow photography enthusiasts at the weekly club meetings.

All members are welcoming and happy to share their knowledge. I can honestly say that I learn something different each week..



I joined in January 2012. I had been learning photography by reading books and attending classes but got into a rut.


Someone suggested that joining a photography club would be a good idea and after some research, decided that OffShoot was the one that suited me best. I’m really delighted that I have joined OffShoot. It’s a thriving photography club with plenty of different activities and outings to encourage you to try something different or new.

The members are very friendly and have made me feel very welcome since I joined. I particularly liked the assistance given to help me with my first competition entry and the Walk With Me session that we did during the summer was really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the new season and to some of the outings and events already planned.



I joined in December 2011. I had done a course with the Institute of Photography and really wanted to carry on learning, I picked OffShoot because it was local to me and the web page gave me a good idea what they were about.


Everyone was very friendly and I was delighted to see that there was such a range of ability and interests in the club. I’m really happy that I joined. The weekly meeting and chat give me the motivation to take my camera out on a regular basis. I love the competition judging, I enjoy seeing other peoples work and learning from it.

Shoot With Me is a great idea and gives me an opportunity to try areas of photography I wouldn’t even think about. The communication within the club is great and the members are well informed about what is happening. I’m looking forward to the planned outings, more Shoot With Me events and to learning lots more this year.



I joined in November 2011. I joined because I wanted to improve my level of photography and learn from experienced photographers.


I have found the experienced members to be very generous with their time. It’s good to mix with people with similar interests and being in a photgraphy club makes me get out and use my camera more.


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