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Club Outing – National Botanic Gardens

On Tuesday 13th March a very select group of 5 independently minded OffShoot members gathered at the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. We knew that the Scotland Trip deprived us of a few regular Tuesday members. The weather was great - sunshine and some clouds....

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Club Outing – Gormanston Motocross

On Sunday 11th March some of our members headed down to Gormanston for the Motocross racing. Gormanston Motocross track, tucked away between the beach and the M1 motorway, presented an interesting challenge for the small band of Offshoot photographers who ventured up...

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Club Outing – Irish Open Rugby Training

Getting the date right is always a good start to any outing. After a false start on 20th February a number of our members attended the Irish Rugby Open Training session on the 27th February. With the treat of the 'Beast from the East', snow flurries and dark grey...

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Club Outing – Chinese New Year Fair

Following on from the Chinese New Year outing to celebrate the beginning of the 'Year of the Dog' our members headed down to the CHQ Building to see the Chinese New Year Fair on 24th & 25th February. Some images (click on an image to open in full-screen mode) from the...

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Club Outing – Chinese New Year

The 2018 Chinese New Year began on Friday, 16th February heralding over two weeks of celebrations for the year of the dog. In Dublin, many buildings were bathed in red light and 4 members ventured into the rain to capture the atmosphere and reflections on the wet...

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Club Outing – Altamont Gardens

Dawn brought forth a cold damp day flooded with sunshine. Altemont Gardens is known as the most romantic garden in Ireland, and on such a day it lived up to its reputation. Twelve members ventured out, glad to be in this ‘jewel in Ireland's gardening crown’ on the eve...

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Club Outing – 40ft

On Sunday 4th February a number of OffShoot members got up early to take pictures of the sunrise at the 40ft in Dun Laoghaire. Some looked out the window and saw the rain and grey sky and decided to go back to bed. The more sturdy decided to brave it out and head down...

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Club Outing – Motocross

On Sunday 28th January 6 of the members headed down to Sandy Valley Motocross near Graney to take some pictures. To say the going was muddy would be an understatement. Between the 6 members they probably took over 5000 images with their shutters set to 'continuous'....

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Club Outing – Skerries Mill

It was a bleak January morning and rain fell from the low clouds. Just the sort of day for a photography outing! It got no better and promised worse as 5 members travelled to Skerries. Across the grey sea Rockabill Lighthouse could just be seen through the gloom. What...

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Club Outing – Point to Point Tinahely

The ground had taken some rain and there was an early morning inspection to see if racing could take place. Fortunately, the inspection was positive and under the sun we journeyed to the Wicklow village of Tinahely where we joined locals and visitors at the Shillelagh...

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